How does BCV help specifically with ALS?


Respiratory Muscle Function

  1. Loss of muscle function can be gradual or progress quickly
  2. BCV use is often therapeutic and can fight the progression of respiratory symptoms related to pulmonary muscle fatigue and secretion retention
  3. BCV can be started early in symptom progression, before the patient’s condition deteriorates and hospitalization is required

CO2 Retention/Hypoventilation

  1. May cause sensation of “breathlessness”, AM headache, insomnia, daytime brain fog, general fatigue
  2. BCV’s ability to control both phases of the respiratory cycle allows for the generation of good tidal volume and helps to provide the required amount of air intake and exhalation to meet the body’s carbon-dioxide-clearance needs

Decreased Chest Wall Mobility

  1. Regions of the lung that are not regularly inflated can easily become filled with fluid of collapse inward, resulting in complete or partial collapse of a lung or lobe of a lung (atelectasis), which also leads to an increased chance of pneumonia
  2. During BCV’s inhalation phase, air is pulled into the lungs in a natural way that causes descent of the diaphragm and expands the ribs and naturally to maintains the normal range of motion of the chest wall
  3. Assisted Cough modality provides a natural inspiration which is deeper than a patient can produce on his or her own strength. It also maximizes this effect while clearing retained secretions
  4. Cycling the chest wall and the muscles of respiration though full volume range is thought to have possible strengthening effect on muscles of respiration

Decreased Cough Flow / Inability to Clear Pulmonary Secretions

  1. Weakened respiratory muscles will worsen a patient’s ability to cough, and therefore the ability to clear secretions.
  2. The first phase of BCV’s 2-phase modality called “Secretion Clearance” uses the only true High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation available to truly oscillate the chest wall and lungs, which produces a thinning effect of pulmonary secretions and facilitates migration of secretions, to beneficially clear them from the lungs
  3. The second part of Secretion Clearance – Cough assistance mode ends each secretion clearance oscillation cycle by providing a deep breath and a strong cough flow bringing secretions up and out of the airways
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