BCV-Use in Hospital or Homecare Settings

Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV) exercises a patient’s respiratory range of motion, utilizing the diaphragm and intercostal muscles in a natural motion. BCV mimics natural breathing by providing even ventilation across the lungs, instead of ventilating by path-of-least-resistance, as Positive Pressure Ventilation would.


  • is external via chest cuirass, controls both respiratory phases (inhalation and exhalation) actively, and can work at both low and high frequencies and generally keeps the benefits of the differing types of mechanical ventilation while avoiding most of their disadvantages.
  • provides an efficient and effective method of non-invasive ventilation using the extra-thoracic interface of an advanced-design cuirass and can be a real alternative to traditional forms of ventilation.
  • provides an effective means of weaning difficult patients from PPV
  • is a highly-potent pulmonary secretion removal tool
  • use is often therapeutic and halts or reverses progression of respiratory symptoms related to pulmonary muscle fatigue and secretion retention
  • can be started early in symptom progression, before the patient’s condition deteriorates and hospitalization is required