Traditional Therapies

As a clinician, you already realize how decisions can impact your patients’ quality of life.

Use of Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) in your patients may have side-effects which could worsen his or her quality of life. The full-time use of Positive Pressure Ventilation via a facemask is unsustainable for extended amounts of time. Patients whom require continuous PPV via a facemask, or whom cannot tolerate a facemask, may need to find alternative forms of support. It is often impossible for an ALS patient to regain natural breathing function on their own after being intubated. Once initiated, there are many harmful side effect of invasive ventilation, including Respiratory Failure.

Positive Pressure Ventilation has its own set of known side-effects, as well, or unintended consequences, such as:

  1. Decreased cough flow with inability to clear pulmonary secretions from lungs
  2. Barotrauma
  3. Increased intrathoracic pressure
  4. Decreased cardiac output
  5. CO2 retention
  6. And more respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, hepatic, gastrointestinal, and neurologic side effects

Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation has no known side effects and can be used as your primary intervention for the ALS patient’s disease progression.